It was a beautiful day today! Nimbly stretched his cloudy arms and his cloudy feet and rose into the sky. Nimbly wanted to meet his good friend, Shine the sun.

"Hello Shine," said Nimbly. "It's such a bright day today!" "Yes Nimbly," Shine replied. "It's such a nice day that I think it is time for some rain."

Nimbly was puzzled. "Why? I do not want this day to end," he said. Shine smiled and shook his head. "Look down, Nimbly. Look at the farmers who work on the ground. Do you see them?" Nimbly looked down and saw a large field, covered with tiny dots on the ground.

"Wow, are they farmers? They look so tiny from here!" Nimbly exclaimed. "Yes, Nimbly!", Shine replied. "Every day, the farmers are busy taking care of the crops that grow from the earth. We help the farmers by giving them sunshine and rain. When crops see the sun and drink the rain, they grow very big! The farmers come back and take the crops out of the ground so that their families can eat and be happy."

Nimbly understood. "I want to help the farmers! Can I give them rain, like you give them sunshine?" he said with a twinkle in his cloudy eyes. "Of course!" Shine said. "Follow me to the great waters." And with that, Shine began to fly over the horizon. Nimbly followed as fast as his little cloudy legs would go, until he was over the water.

Nimbly was still looking at the water when Shine spoke. "When the Great Waters get a lot of sunshine, they evaporate. The water turns into a gas and floats high up in the sky. A cloud takes this gas and carries it back to the farms. He turns it back into water and lets it fall from the sky." And with that, Shine began to shine. He got as bright as a sun could be. Nimbly watched in excitement as the water slowly turned into a gas and rose up into the air. When Nimbly touched it with a cloudy hand, the water vapor began to fill him up. Nimbly was getting bigger! He was very happy that he would be able to help the farmers and their crops.

"Very good!" shouted Shine. "You look like you're ready for your first rain." Nimbly nodded his head. "I'm very excited! I can't wait!" Nimbly hurried back to the farms. When he looked down, he could see the farmers stop moving as they looked back up. The farmers were waving at Nimbly! He stood up on his cloudy legs and held his cloudy penis with his cloudy hands. Nimbly started to rain on the farmers.

The farmers were very happy. They danced around Nimbly's rain. They played in Nimbly's rain. They even opened their mouths to drink from Nimbly's rain. But Nimbly began to feel a little strange. His cloudy bottom spread apart and a flash of lightning came out with a bang and fell on a tree. "Oops," said Nimbly with a smile. "Looks like rain isn't the only thing that came out!"

Nimbly was so happy to help the farmers that he didn't see the tree that he hit with lightning. It got very hot and red! Nimbly looked around and saw a black mist rise up into the sky. Nimbly was curious; is that like the water vapor that Shine showed him? Nimbly floated over and began to absorb the black mist, but Nimbly did not like this feeling at all. Nimbly was getting bigger, and his cloudy puffs were turning darker. Nimbly began to feel sick and heavy, but the dark mist kept filling him up more and more. By the time the mist was done, Nimbly was a very big and heavy cloud! Nimbly was so heavy that he couldn't move any more and had to move around in a cloudy wheelchair.

Nimbly was so embarassed. His dark, cloudy puffs were so ugly, and they dangled over the sides of his wheelchair! For many days, Nimbly sat crying in the wheelchair. He was much too big and heavy to move around by himself, and he did not want to let the farmers down. Straining under his mighty weight, Nimbly rolled out of the wheelchair. Nothing was going to stop him from helping the farmers again! Nimbly was too big and heavy to stand up, so he laid down while he rained on the farmers' houses.

But this rain was different. It was green and it burned when it came out of Nimbly. Did he have an infection? Nimbly looked down and saw that the farmers' houses were on fire! He watched in fear as the farmers all ran out of their houses and were rained on by Nimbly. "Why were they falling over?" Nimbly thought. "They're not moving and their skin is coming off." Nimbly began to cry because he was still too heavy to move, but the farmers and the houses were all turning bright red and making more black mist! Nimbly could not get away before he began to absorb even more of the black mist! Nimbly was getting even bigger and heavier. He was very scared when Shine woke up the next morning.

"Oh no!" Shine yelled. "What did you do?"

Nimbly began to cry. "I found some black mist and thought I could help the farmers, but I think I hurt them! They're not moving any more, and the crops are bright red and making more black mist! Help!"

Shine just shook his head in disappointment. "I expected so much from you, Nimbly. You are a bad cloud. You killed all of the farmers, and the holy fire of righteousness must be used to make you go away forever."

"Forever?" Nimbly was scared. Nimbly wanted to get away but he was much too heavy to move, but that didn't stop Shine as he lifted up Nimbly with his great strength and tied him to the big cloudy tree in the sky. Shine floated to Nimbly's face. He looked very angry!

Shine began to get very bright. He was getting bright and hot! This was too hot for Nimbly, but he couldn't get away! "Please, Shine! I'm sorry!" Nimbly begged. "I didn't want to hurt the farmers!"

"It's too late for apologies," Shine said. Nimbly's cloudy skin was burning! He was turning a horrible black color and starting to shrivel. Nimbly cried in pain as his insides began to boil and explode inside his body, and leak out through the burnt holes in his skin. It was so hot that Nimbly saw his own blood evaporate and float into the sky! Shine was so bright that it burned Nimbly's eyes, and he couldn't see anymore. Nimbly was blind! Slowly, Nimbly began to lose feeling in his legs and arms as they disintegrated and fell off of his body. Nimbly wanted to cry, but all Shine heard was a bloody gurgle as his head bent backward and broke into many pieces. Nimbly was dead.

Shine smiled. It felt good to do that again. Shine floated down to another part of the earth and pulled off a large piece of cotton from the ground. He took it back up into the sky and worked it into a new cloud. When the cloud opened its eyes, he was very surprised. "Hi! I'm Cumulus, and it's so beautiful and bright today!" the new cloud said.

"Yes Cumulus," Shine replied. "It's such a nice day that I think it is time for some rain."

~The End~


That's just classic.
I can't figure out what to say now. I think you've scarred me for life.

Also, do I win?
Jack Thompson + Arbys = Explanation as to why he never pays attention to the facts.
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There wasn't enough cloud penis action. However I'll give you a second chance and look forward to Mr. Cumulus getting big large engorged....tornado!

Have Mr. Jetstream blow him or something.
CyberHound wrote:
There wasn't enough cloud penis action. However I'll give you a second chance and look forward to Mr. Cumulus getting big large engorged....tornado!

Have Mr. Jetstream blow him or something.

Ok, I take it back. This guy just scarred me for life.
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