<--(10:40 am) Lord reece: DIGITALMOUSE
<--(10:41 am) Lord reece: rehost NC
<--(10:41 am) Lord reece: pur NC back on
<--(10:42 am) Lord reece: u there
<--(10:51 am) Lord reece: PLZS MAN
-->(10:52 am) digitalmouse: contact the game hoster- this is their job, not mine
(user pager banned because he was pestering me in a game too)
Lord reece: not available on this channel.

<--(10:53 am) Ik-Gohan: plzs digital mouse last time
-->(10:54 am) digitalmouse: now you are stalking. keep it up and expect a ban from all digitalbyond hosted games
-->(10:54 am) digitalmouse: contact the game host
<--(10:54 am) Ik-Gohan: i am jsut helping the player for NC ok
<--(10:55 am) Ik-Gohan: all i want u to do it once last time ok
-->(10:55 am) digitalmouse: good, then help by contacting the host
<--(10:55 am) Ik-Gohan: can't he is away
-->(10:56 am) digitalmouse: sorry
(user pager banned)
Ik-Gohan: not available on this channel.

<--(10:58 am) Angel99joe: last time and i SWEAR I WILL NEVER ASK U AGAIN OK COME LASST TIME
<--(11:00 am) Angel99joe: btw i got 31 membership u will take ur time
-->(11:08 am) digitalmouse: thanks for proving you are an ass. you will now be banned from digitalBYOND hosted games.

So now I get to do a refresher course in Linux IPTABLES to build up some special firewall rules, as well as learn how to set up banning via DreamDaemon. Hopefully I can just provide a 'blacklist' that people can use to keep out those who need to be kept out.
PLZ PLZ PLZ rstrt DC. Okthxbai!


Ah, don't be too upset- he's probably 8.
I wouldn't put it passed the kid being the game's owner. o.o
Wow, that guy spent almost $500 on memberships?
wow i wouldnt even do that seriously geekyish 500$ on a game membership O.o