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Poll: Geno, yes or no?

Hell yeah! 37% (9)
No thanks 0% (0)
Who is Geno?! 25% (6)
...Why a possessed puppet? 16% (4)
Solid Snake kthx bai 8% (2)
Captain Falcon maybe? 12% (3)

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Good 'ol Oond here. I've decided to throw out in the open that I'm going to have a series of updates on Smash Bros. BYOND, be it new characters, stages, or modes, be looking forward to it. I may add in the target test mode and put it up for download. It'll have a timer in there that counts by seconds so you can try and get the best time out of you and your friends. The most recent updates are me adding in Ness, fixing the 1 player mode to allow players to unlock Super Mario, adding in dodging and guarding, and started work on a new stage. DarkZeke may have an icon for everybody's favorite possessed puppet done soon. That's right, the legendary Geno is joining the fray of Smash Bros. BYOND! It'll even feature his own stage in there, the Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG.

I'll probably work on the target test mode over the weekend to see what I can come up with. Just be looking out for more updates guys.
Falcon or gtfo
Solid Snake is way cooler than Geon, So Snake should be in.
Snake is in the works, FYI
Oondivinezin wrote:
Snake is in the works, FYI

Yes! And Zack(cloud's buddy)And Naruto while you're at it.
No, not Naruto, and not Zack.
Oondivinezin wrote:
No, not Naruto, and not Zack.

Darn it! How bout Bowser?