I open my email and find a message from "Valarie". It reads like so.

O H C.A.N.A.D.A I like your governmnt required prescription charges.
I at once expend 35 percent of what I was required to shell out for the same identical Meds here in the United States.

Each person here in the America should be astute and surf now for more info for their med health desires. Broad choices and zero medicinal instruction expected:

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What can I say? Wow. I know it's worded the way it is so the spam can dodge email filters, but it's just so Engrishy and wacky that I want to read more! If you have anything like this sitting in your email account, paste it here. (Make sure you edit out any links!)
stretch her ass wide open with your new dick size
Edit out your link, BBD!

Also, no words, but a picture. Not obscene or anything, just a silly ad.
I forget what it was but it was something along the lines of "Penis enlargement is the number one christmas gift"
Sounds like someone saw the movie Sicko :O