Rise Of The Uchiha

by Sonido12
Rise Of The Uchiha
Good Old ROTU :)
ryan -_- it was him for sure
Koruichi* afk is not buged you simply cant move or do anything, and just relog and you are fixed
having login probs :/
like the game jus nt loading fa me :/ fk
Wow the game was back up and I missed it, all because I procrastinated on fixing my charger for my laptop lol. Well I hope it comes back up soon :o
When's this come back up???? Love this game!
You should re-host the game
wish this game wud come back, the others on here r shit, ryan do us all a favor plz
Ryan is back, and yes, Ryan plans to bring this back ^^
i would bring thi back but it dont pop up on hub
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