Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
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So you've been a Grandmaster Shitlord of the Esoteric Order of Shitlords eh? Well here's the thing, posting in these forums with unban requests WILL GET YOU NOWHERE! Each group hosts their own servers and their own forums. The goons, the facepunchers, and whoever else feels like hosting a server. You need to go to their respective forums to post unban requests.

Goonstation unban appeal forum is here. Make sure you read the stickies or you'll be laughed at and probably banned from the forums for being too stupid to follow directions.

I don't know the other forums so go google them or something.

Thanks for your time.
Following the above steps and posting in the respective appeal forum will be infinitely more effective if you do the following:

1)Use correct English and grammar.
2)Do not claim your little brother/cousin/friend was the culprit
3)Do not engage in hate-speech against people with different beliefs from yourself
But really. I was banned for playing with my big sister on the same server.