This is a new BYOND game based on the Gameboy game of the same name. I played it for about 10-15 minutes, and found out it was great. The owner of the game is known as Jee5 on BYOND, he hasn't been around that long.

This game has been in production for a week, yet it is well designed. It's got on-screen based menu functions, like Final Fantasy Legacy, or Final Fantasy Another World, where you use the arrow keys to move your cursor and use Numpad 5 to select your choice. The first town map is based on that of Altea from Final Fantasy II on the NES/PSX/GBA.

Anyway, onto the combat engine. It works like the Final Fantasy Adventure on the GB, or for those who haven't played it, the original Legend of Zelda. In th game, there are 6 classes to select from that I've seen. They're the same as the ones used in the first Final Fantasy. I'm not sure how the mage classes work, because I chose to play as a fighter. The graphics are based on that of FFA for the GB and FFI-III on the NES. It's all well built. In the game, you have a hud layer that shows your HP, MP, EXP, and Gil, just like FFA on the GB.

Anyway, this game is off to a great start, and I see a great future for it. I rate this game 9.5/10. I hope to see Jee5 to continue to update this great game!
Are you talking about my projects, or are you just talking about what you believe?
Ryokashi, Ian said it was someone else's game, not one he is making. Read the post before commenting like that.