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Hi. It has come to my attention that Dragonball Epic Online has not been hosted in quite a long ass time. Please host it immediately because I am deeply in need of an anti-boredome serum.

Your friend, random guy that thinks talking in a sophisticated manner will get him his way.
Thanks for donating to byond i and alot of other people really appreciate it
Giv me money plz
Wow. Saw your byond donation,and I find it funny how people can donate 1K and get 6th of all time instantly... We are a community of poor people. Thanks ^-^.
Ty for the donation!
instead of donating 1000$ to just a game, donate to poor people and Orphans, i am not saying do not donate to Byond, NO
i am just saying 1000$ is too much even massive
In response to Ripshock
donate to poor people

What do you think I'm doing? =p

Seriously though, I have donated a similar amount to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) in the past, and I donate smaller amounts to other organizations that I care for on a regular basis. And when you consider that I've used BYOND off and on for 13 years - and have personally benefited from it significantly - my total donation amount isn't a really big deal.
We love you Cinnom! Bring back that cloud jumper!
Doesn't it suck to get older my old friend? The Dragon Ball Epic Online days and all. But with a wife, kids and a house I really don't have time for Byond like I used to. The good days are gone where we could focus on ourselves, we have to focus on the outside world. It is part of growing up. I however have a 500 over 250 connection from my work at Verizon you can use if you want. I am a Senior Fiber Analyst. Let me know =)
Is there any possible way to bring DBEO back maybe change the character names or something. I really miss that game
check out and fan We're releasing soon! ill make you a tester and give you early access !
I love that cereal, and I am now a fan!
We really do love you, Cinnom. We were just talking about you today, and your epic online dragon ball game =p
Contact me if you'd ever like to sell DBEO.