I /definately/ like this site more than the previous.
I 'specially like the top navigation bar, allowing you to goto most places with a single click.

My only concern is related to the linking of hub entries. For example, if I click on Info in the games listing for SS13 (In byond.exe), it opens up a window and tries to navigate to "http://www.byond.com/games/hub/Exadv1.SpaceStation13" which gives me a 404 error.
It does work if I replace the last period with a slash.
I'm not sure if this has been reported yet.

All in all, I do like the site. It is pleasing to the eye for me; the gradient looks swell, and the orange and blues do seem to go together well, imo.
I like the new layout, so great work guys!
I think you already know this, but I can't seem to publish games, and some times I can't get to the developers page. It's probably just because you're working on it or something? :P
The high contrast blue and orange feel a bit fisher-price.

One of the problems with the colour scheme isn't that orange and blue clash, it's that the vibrancy of the orange is drawing the user's attention away from where they should be looking- usually the centre of the page.

Right now I keep feeling my eyes getting pulled over to the left because of how obvious the bright orange is to the dark blue middle. It needs to be toned down a bit to balance the site up again.

Maybe having the site symmetrical? Having light blue on one side and bright orange on the other is feels a bit lop-sided.

Foomer: If you really want an economic system that would screw over anime games and encourage people to make less popular genres of games, then the "special fund" that is taken from player's memberships given to each game could be divided by the amount of games in that official guild.

So the games in the anime guild would only get a fraction of the amount of money due to the large amount of copycat games around, and developers would be encouraged to make a strategy board game over a generic DBZ-based cash-cow.
I agree with Elation. I think it's just that the orange to the left is pulling your attention away from the real content. Everything else looks pretty much fine to me. Just change the orange.

I actually like everything else about the new site. I think it's a huge improvement.

I still think the front page still needs to be more professional looking, though. It has a messy look to it right now and it reminds me of something I would have made when I was first learning CSS.

Oh, one more thing: It looks odd to have the right boxes of a three-column layout in the center column's background yet not have the left boxes in it. It's inconsistant so it just looks strange to me.
I absolutely detest the color scheme, but the layout itself is wonderful, though it'll still get some taking used to for navigation, as I'm used to the old layout still. :P
The new site is nice but some things are hard to find 'cuz I'm really not used to this :P
lenciant sit is good
The new site is nice but some things are hard to find 'cuz I'm really not used to this :P
Same here
ok i didn't read all of it did you find the site or did someone tell you
The new page is, well.. Just that, new.
I'm quite neutral on the subject right now, but as I get used to it, I'm sure I'll grow to like it. Theres one thing that bothers me though, with the old site, whenever I clicked on the logo, it would take me back to the front page. I know, it isn't necessary, but it would be nice to have it. =)
OK one thing that really "Annoys" me is the fact Byond won't allow our previous Forums for games, in other words they want to Observe all player activities as if they are paranoid that game owners will overtake them I mean seriously.... Some people have set up there forums and have been using these for over a year... Although I noticed that they allowed GOA to Keep there prior Forums where as the rest of us have to convert to BYOND forums for there games, so Why allow Dan to keep his and everyone else convert? I mean come on I know he's byond Admin but at least allow the rest of us to keep our Forums...
I really like the new site. The colors remind me of a merge of awesomeness between the old Games and Developers websites. I would personally like to keep these colors, and suggest adding a preference option for website style. (Uneffective for member pages with custom CSS of course.) I would still like to see an option to make the navigation bar at the top, 'fixed.' I was a fan of that as well.
I thought a consistant layout would actually be a good thing, but I find myself feeling like I can't go anywhere. Because everything looks the same, it's like one page who's contents keep changing. If I try to go to the members area, the page I'm on just changes it's contents... I guess it's like I'm starring at the same page all the time.

It's probably just because I'm used to the old site, and used to having some visual cue that "now I'm in the developer section, this is where the developers are" or "now I'm in the members section, interacting with other members". Now I'm just lost in a bunch of similar pages. I'll probably see the sense in it with time.

I'm another 1024x768 user, and I agree with foomer. That's a giant bar of bright orange that does nothing except squish the content. The rounded corners seem to be adding a lot of extra padding.
ai dont like to need a pay for too play games
I for one personally like the new site. No only does it look slightly better then the old one, but it creates the idea that BYOND is getting better in every way(and its already AWSOME.... :D).. Personally, I think its easy to stay focused in the middle, everything is very simple to find, and I havnt really encountered any bugs... The only thing I dislike is that I will have to change some of the font colors on my game's hub because you cant view them well with the new blue blackground ^_^.... Besides that small, easy to fix(although havnt gotten to) problem, everything is great... You guys at BYOND are doing fine... ;)
How do I give someone a byond membership? I go to put in the name and I put in there key, I then click on process order or whatever the button says and I type in the info and it ended up extending my own membership instead of giving it to soemeone else.
Kinggoken wrote:
How do I give someone a byond membership? I go to put in the name and I put in there key, I then click on process order or whatever the button says and I type in the info and it ended up extending my own membership instead of giving it to soemeone else.

That sounds like a bug. Please contact us at http://www.byond.com/support/ with the details of your transaction, and we'll transfer your membership (and hopefully figure out what happened here).
How do I put a game on new byound? In the old one you just take it from pc now I duno help.
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