ID:38358 MegamanX.swf

Well, I don't know how to embed flash to the blog pages, but if you do, please help me out.

Anyways, I'm just messing around with flash and I wanted to make a quick little animation. I thought it was okay, and the guys on newgrounds (before it was blammed) said for a beginner it was good.

Also, if you resize your window, you can see it either in full screen or you can change the dimensions of it to see whats going on in the background. Also, if your computer runs a little slow, resize it to make the browser not lag so much.

Anyways, this is just a test for myself and you guys, tell me what you think, and hopefully I'll make an actual movie out of it. Thanks!
Nice! I think the movement speed is perfect. The only flaw I can find is that the lamp to right moves when it loops.

Great job! You've definitely got the flash interface down.
Thanks, and I didn't notice the lamp before...Hm...Oh well, good enough. ^_^ Thanks for looking at it.
so does anyone no the secrets of iconning really good i now how to icon but it sucks for now
This is the incorrect place for that type of post and question. If you need help, I suggest you ask someone else for help, or you could fiddle around with the interface for a while. Iconning isn't that hard at all, it's just time consuming.

Even thought I said this isn't a place for that type of post, what do you need to know about iconning?
nice job

my post be a little out of date but nice xD