I am bored super bored lol XD.
whats going on with the server/
dude u know spree60 is on ninja faith
Hello, I'm Pitch Black Werewolf(it's the name of my faverit card...) AKA Paul.
I have two things that I'd like to chat with evry one about.
Gess I'll star off with the most reliven, is it just my computer or does it take day's just to log in? I've bin on the wating list to play for two day's now. I'm new here and I got in for a time ,play'ed 5 game's and wone two of them. I gess what I'm asking is, is that the norm? last time I looked
there where only 45 player's in game and 75 on the wating list.
I'm happy the game's much more populer then I ever emagined but dame...this is to much.

I'm all so cunfused about why no one seem's to be tiping on eny budys blog bord's, or what ever there called.

PS pleese send me a repliy