this game is awsome
i can be ur 24/7 co-owner and make sure nothin happens

and i can be ur iconer/coder
i can icon for u host for u and gm or co own for u -dragonkon aka light uchiha master of monlight magnkyo
UchihaNaruto126 wrote:
ok i am not much of an iconer but i do have like almost all the naruto icons in shippuden and im a really good host..i wont back stab and even if there are p wipes it wont matter cuz if you let me host a server on my serever it wil be a fun and tourneys like every day... i will really look forward to hosting your game ive played it and its AWSOME oh and if you let me host ill look forward to helping all the people and getting more and more people to play and rank...if you need more info about me contact me at [email protected] .. ok

-Your Soon to be Friend And Mabey Soon To Be Host -UchihaNaruto126-

no offense but did nauto marry sakue or madara
y i got bbanened from the game for? i got host banned is this some tyoe of joke or something?
hey how do u bcome a GM man cuz ive never beem 1 b4 and ur games fun
Yo Cuzz
can i be kage r gm org i got lv
Hey your download for Naruto kyuunbi rage 2 dosn't work can you give me a direct link?
make a server so we can play naruto kyuubi rage 2 plz i want to play
Togiro has been IPBanned by ~Dark Wing Roxas~ .
Why are random people being banned, and who chooses these fail admin..I asked to be summon killed, and he bans me...10 minutes into the game.
hi guys im back but not entirely listen if any of u wanna contact me heres my aim [email protected] instant message me but dont make it a habbit thats my personal 1 just hit that 1 up 2 get in contact wit me then i'll give ya the other aim this is so we can talk and mayb kr2 might just be back up
Hey Man renember me ? I was GM last time what happened to game ?
hey wats up, is Quady...
sorri i aint been on in so long i'll tell u bout it on msn or somethin if u ever get back on
so hows da game comin?
right now i'm back n have nothin 2 do most of the day so i can help desgin n finish the upgrades and possibl host 24/7 again.
anyways hit me up whim u get dis...i hate seein wat i would call 1 of if not the best naruto games on Byond sittin here wit nothin, we need @ get it up and runnin
hit me up online on MSN
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