I've recently decided that the BYOND anime games are just a little too much,they need to die down because they make up the majority of BYOND nowadays,what feels better people making a game with a source or making your own game from scratch?

I thought when you made your own game,you felt good about yourself,I know I did when I made Baineshift and I'm still working on it.

But those RIPPERS get sooo mad when people bash them for ripping a game. "Hey,let's make a naruto game using this source!" Which is a total failure where as Masterdan destroyed those rips by making Naruto GOA,congratulations.

But still why dont they make unique anime games like Masterdan did..
Dragon7994 wrote:
Reo2 owns

yes it does :D
Pokemon Crystaline sounds really good Im gonna play it now
can you host your pokemon game?