With the new job making me brain-dead staring at spaghetti code, annoyances with my allergies (I just learned I'm now allergic to four things: two kinds of dust mite poop, fungus, and grass), and last weeks visit of my parents (first time in Europe for my father who I haven't seen in person in seven years), I've really had no time to address each and every request for shell accounts.

To my surprise, I get about 1-2 requests per week! Either favorable word about digitalBYOND is getting around the community, or you guys are just desperate for hosting, even if the servers are in Germany! :)

This week, I will go through the finances to see how we are doing, and if there is enough cash on-hand, I will tell the hosting company to go ahead and turn on the digitalBYOND3 and digitalBYOND4 domains so that Alathon, Nadrew, and myself can start setting up accounts either this week or next.

So for those of you who have made requests, we will be sending out an email to each of you asking if you still want the account you requested. We will do the requests in small batches, starting from the oldest to the newest emails. You'll get a about a day to respond, and if not, your 'reserved' slot will go to someone else down the line.

Watch this space - or your INBOX - for more info!
LoL, And I just spent 60+ dollars for dreamhost cause I didnt get a response. :(
You did get a response. Just probably one you didn't like.