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ahem I've been playing on the bleach las noches game. don't get me wrong its great but I cant go anywhere without somebody attacking me. I feel you should add an option that enables people to switch the ability to be attacked by other players off but certain things can undo it like grabbing the hougyoku. it would make it a lot easier to play the game.
Hello Lightning Inc. I've noticed the removal of Spirit Detective Chronicles. Will you guys ever continue work on that game? I'd love to play an updated version.
Hey there, why was Yu Yu Hakusho - Spirit Chronicles taken down from BYOND? I'd love to play it again, if you'd be so kind as to post it back up? Thank you!
Hey I was looking to play Bleach Las Noches. Can you post it please :)
Bleach: Las Noches has turned into Lost Worlds by Bustercannon, search for it.
Lightning. One of your admins banned me for no reason ,i ask for help , he tells me to read help i told him i did and he banned me..
Account: Abe565
Reason for Ban: Being rude in OOC i assume
Banned by: Hito
I was banned 2 weeks ago from horsing around in ooc but, i did not get a warning or any sign to relax/stop it. I just got an auto ban/ip banned for 1 month. Coming here to figure out isn't a month too excessive?
Thank you
I would be glad if i get unban. I got banned 4-5 days for being rude in ooc. Sorry Buster
Account: Agent Banks
Reason for Ban: Hitting Buster in Shinigami Academy i believe so.
Banned By: Buster
I was banned for not knowing that you cant hit people in SS bed area. Before people always killed each other so I thought i could still do it. I feel as though, you didnt give me any warning. How was i suppose to know that changed, i just made a acc that day so yeah. But anyways please unban, it wont happen again. You already obliterated me so yeah, i have to start over anyways. But please take the time to read this it would be very thankful. May God Bless Your Soul.
-Peace, Agent Banks
Account:DaxZeebo and accounts affiliated with DaxZeebo(BlakeXuuba,DaxZeebo1)

Reason:Unknown i didn't break a rule but i'm guessing its for joking aroud with buster.

Banned By:Bustercannon aka Stasis
I was banned by buster cannon permanently for minor horseplay with the admin. When I was banned I was given a warning of some sorts but not an actual warning that told me what i needed to stop doing. I was also never given a reason for the ban so I don't know if I had even broken a rule. I had been banned twice before, but the initial ban was for 24 hours and when I was banned there were people who actually broke rule number 3(racism) in OOC but buster just went on a rant about racism but not even banning them. When i was banned that time it seemed as though he overreacted i my opinion for the first time I was banned for being a "sidekick" even though I wasn't even directly talking to buster nor did I break any rules. I was given a warning to stop talking but he could have just muted me instead of banning me for one day. The second time I was banned I was given a warning of sorts(really a threat from him) saying he could permaban me but I didn't know what I was doing that was deserving of a permaban. Reevaluating the situation having the name Buster's Sidekick in OOC might have angered buster but I believe that being permabanned for a name is a complete overreaction on his part. It has been almost a month since I was permabanned and I believe the permaban should be lifted for I should have never been punished for the first place and if he didn't want the name he should have notified me instead of permabanning me. The only punishment I believe I should have received at most was a mute and an actual warning instead of permabanning me from his game.Again, upon further research I had never broken any rules thus even being banned once for a day was never needed and a mute and actual warning would suffice.I would just like for someone from the Bleach Las Noches staff to read this and hopefully lift my permaban for again it has been a month since my permaban initiated so being banned for this long is already more than enough.Thank you in advance for reading and I hope all goes well for BLN and Lightining Inc. in general.

Also if it isn't too troublesome, may I also get a reason for getting permabanned? Thank you.
I'd like to get unbanned, please. Originally I got banned a while ago because my brother got on one of my alts and trolled the server, I'd like to apologize for his actions and I would like to ask for a second chance. I would really appreciate it if I could get unbanned. I would just like to play this game again, because I really enjoyed my time on the server. Thanks for your time.
MY IGN: King of Hueco Mundo,

Key: White Boy Who Thinks Hes Black

Hello I Was Banned 10/19/2014 For Unknown Reason Could i Please Be Unbanned All i was doing was asking if i could buy lvl 900 for $2 it was just a joke but i guess after that there was no warning to not ask again just a instant ban.

P.S. Won't Ask Again if thats the reason.