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The BYOND Hub-- that beast responsible for tracking users & games across the BYONDspace-- has been going "out to lunch" in the wee hours of the mornings for the past three nights. Unfortunately, with our limited staff, we've been unable to handle this expediently. Sorry.

Server Guru Mike H. has isolated the problem and is working on a fix. We'll also attempt to monitor the system better so this doesn't happen again.

Hopefully this will mean you'll be able to once again play NarutoLegendsOfTheSoiledPants even in those early mornings from here on out-- but if you can't, please bear with us. Sometimes these things take a bit of trial and error to sort out. Please don't spam our forums and support system with reports when others have already done so before you.

Happy gaming!
I was wondering what was going on lately

Off to go play NLotSP so I can finally learn the UberPopoPooperLoLhax no Jutsu :o
I'm sure my voice won't be heard until I've posted at a minimum 10 topics about the same thing. ^_^ *sarcasm*

Congrats on getting the server up ;)
+ing for NarutoLegendsOfTheSoiledPants
Actually, I've heard everyone left NLoTSP to play Naruto's Dragon Pokeball Fantasy of Bleach.
I think thats just a rumor.NLoTSP ftw -.-