Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Yes, since the lost of Eternal's presence in the project, I decided to start looking for a Graphics Artist, also a Pixel Artist if there's any willing to join the team.

If there's any Interface Designer willing to create a new whole Interface for the game, feel free to contact either me via Pager, E-Mail @ [email protected], or by reply'ng to this post exposing his creations, experiences and ideas.

We will from now on, focus on giving the game a better look to the public, making it more attractive than it is now.
Even though I planned on a lot new stuff to do, like new Game Modes and such, I will not touch the part where it's a Team vs Team, no matter if it is Leaf vs Akat, or Team Blue vs Team Red.

If there are other people willing to join the team and I did not mention it, feel free to reply to this post exposing what you'd want to do and I will personally attend the application.
i am not a artist or anything but i can code farely well
Sorry but the programming-side is already covered.
i can icon
You'd need to show (here or privately via Pager) some of your ArtWork.
I'm back, so there's no need to look for more Staff, but we'll need some new Presidents soon.
Eternals_Memories remember me, im now one of your hosts and i was wandering if ur regular host?
i can make icons
I'm A GFX artist
I heard president is the lowest rank so.

Key : Rente

Why I should be given this position :

Because simply, I'm never going to abuse. I just want to help this game, I've had bad time. Now I finally can play seriously. Lately, I've noticed that half the staff team is busy. That's why I'm here, Asking for this position. Im going to do the best for players. I'm never going to abuse my President powers, And I'll do the best for the game too.
I have been playing EM for one year, I helped many players.

I'm sorry for insulting Gogeta, I just wasn't in a good mood since my grandmother had just died.

I have been an administrator on many Dragon Ball games, Such as DU and DBGTM And one bleach game, But it's no problem if I'm rejected.

I'm sorry for annoying you, and have a nice day.
Im a gfxer add my skype : unrealnathan >> can tlak over there :)