Foomer wrote:
Popisfizzy wrote:
Riva wrote:
to find hosting services instead of looking through and making classified posts.

The less mindless babble we have in that forum, the better.

That's the first Popisfizzy post that I've wholeheartedly agreed with in a long time.

Then it's agreed: we need a 'BYOND hosting guild' of some sort where we can list people who have the ability to host games, as well as post a blacklist of people who can't be trusted (either failing to pay for services or who are known abusers of their hosting status.

If no-one wants to start up a fresh guild (by-the-way, can we have multiple guilds under one key?), I think I can be convinced to convert digitalBYOND over for such a purpose.

Digi I sent an email to [email protected] , could you please reply?
Acebloke wrote:
Digi I sent an email to [email protected] , could you please reply?

Thanks digi for the reply, I think I got till may yet but I'll probably pay another years worth sometime before friday.
I thought I was auto-paying, if I'm not please send me an email informing me...though I might only use your services till the end of March though I'll pay through till May. My new computer build shouldn't have any problems >.< brand new quad core on the market Q9450, 2-4 gigs of DDR3 RAM :D Nvidia 9800GTX, and ultimate cooling system for no worries of ever having to restart :D
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