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Pokemon Aurora
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My name is Kira, and I'm going to review Pokemon Magma Red. I've been a player for a rather long time, so I can truly make a good judgement, or at least in my opinion. I will tell the tale of why I said what for every score.


Well, it's the regular icon game, but at the beginning, you go through a gigantic maze, looking for "Pokemon Statues", and with the variety of Pokemon to look for, can take you 10 minutes, to over 2 hours, ofcourse depending on your patience. Then again, you can just become a trainer.

Alright, you choose your pokemon, as a pokemon, you get a nifty battle/breeding/building system, that you can work with throughout the so called "Build Zone". Now, I'm not talking Bevan rips 15 items to build from, I mean well over 150 floors, walls, etc, with at least 25 of these interactive.

If you choose trainer, you end up with a catching/building system. You can catch pokemon, same old, you get my point.

Very fun at first. Especially with the option to change your icon and the icon of anything you build, there are tons of possibilities. Keeps you going for a while, but gets boring after a while.

All of the building verbs have recently been organized by category, which is helpful when looking for a certain object.

Well, a 6/10 seems suitable.


It's all graphics from the pokemon games, the pokemon icons from PMD1, and PMD2, and all of the turfs/icons from the R/S/E games, it seems. There is, however, no music, unless an admin plays you a tune. The icons are very loyal to the Pokemon series, no other misc. rips, which gives it that "comfortable to play" feel.

I believe a 8/10 is in order.


It's the basic icon chatting game, with a bunch of Pokemon features, but mainly it's a building icon game, like... Picture Chao Chatterz, but a Pokemon Themed.

5/10 for that.


Overall, Pokemon Magma Red is a generally fun game, that will keep you entertained, not just with the building, but with the occassional events hosted by the Admins- or players!- such as many "Role Plays", amongst other things. Aside from that, the only limit to building in this game is your creativity.

So, if you like Pokemon- and even if you don't- Pokemon Magma Red is definitely a game worth trying.

i like that game XD i wanna be a pokemon in it but a legendary1 but idk how :D i also want to be a gm can u plz show me where to apply if u are still in need of gms
Not my game.
Clearly it isn't :P
Not too bad.
Nice review.. And I love it how there's who just want to be a GM and don't understand what's going on..
ITR: Idiots