I really do
Its an aweesome game
dude its me Jin =D i bet u forgot me already >.>
its awsome i love it. im one of youre enforcers and i like the trainig system where gms and players level the same all i could want is lv4 gm my key is haijiboy 44
ok umm u might not know me but im Sai i have good Expereience of bieng Head admin or Admin Gm here is prove link:
P.S I wont Abused PP.S i ate ur Pie ,hehehe
Dude why the fuk are kages and gms are forgeting their job!They are now fukin up the system by abusing Anounce why the fuk is tht!? is me Micky
P.S.S.Give them wat they want!
P.S.S.S.I dont care about being a GM!
P.S.S.S.S.I like Pie and Cake.
Can I plz be co-owner it is me Micky!
Stop shutting down the dam server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your server went down plz put it back up
keus i can be a real nice gm i come on your game everday playing it i wont abbuse announce i wont boot poeple off i wont banned poeple anyting i nice gm should do
it is me
Fooly Cooly
Guys Keus is the best ever I SWEAR IT KEEP PLAYING HIS GAME
lllllllll lllllllll
Keus123 it's St murda im away from my computer until april 10th so thats the day im going to continue hosting oh and my friend taught me how to do the thing that you was trying to teach me with saving a host file
P.S. i put you on my friends list
Yo Keus host ur server of NarutoLeaders
can u nbnn me form naruto leaders
onigetsu is mad that i wont let him b hebi leader so he ip banned me so could u plz un bann me
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