Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
oh and about that idiotic engineer, once fire went into the engine (like its supposed to) he thought it was sabotaged and had me killed, well woop dee doo then came the so called doctors who even didnt know how to open a medic kit... that is all and i hope SS13 explodes to some virus
So after comeing back a 5 min conquest i got to the captains bridge and was KOd for no reason, then shot down the garbage chute to die in flames, woop dee doo for SS13 and its so called "rp" wich doesnt exsist
i was banned for being insane person when i put insane on my thing and major crimonal record and i was banned for grieving not fair at all i should be unbanned i mean i should have been put in jail or in prison but no banned
seriously i bet they add stuff theyve never even hear about not to mention seen but the oldest trick in the book is crowbar + a normal players head = garbage chute = you being griefed and admins telling you to shut up or be banned, also some were strick rp servers, i was griefed and thats the threat i got when asking for assistance... noobs shouldnt be allowed with the power of admin cause they only use it to ban RPing ppl and help griefers
(sorry i keep adding this stuff and all but just pointing out the flaws, actually the whole game is one and those who disagree are either admins who abuse (there is no not abusing admin on SS13 and if they deny it its a lie) or griefers who want people to keep comeing so the crowbar could stay warm) So this is how the game starts, people who dont grief start doing normal stuff like there supposed to (engineers working on the engine, doctors turning monkeys into humans etc.)
and griefers start to sabotage all they can, even ruining the oxygen tanks and giving them to people who go to space (that has happend to me 4 times) the toxic researcer (usualy a griefer with deadly bombs) locks down the doors and hits people who enter the room with a crowbar (trust me its the truth) then they somehow ruin the doors so you cant get in (mess with the wires and stuff) and they start makeing fire, the most fun was when they released gas all over the station then set everything in flames with a weldingtool... but ok to the point, once the round starts and we got a normal station leading crew (captain and the other 2 ) they come under siege, YES under siege by who? military, normal staff with ID cards and screwdrives and the normal staff starts to dismantle the reinforced walls (to newbies, its possible only its a long and painful mission so your easy to get caught if many reinforced walls) also some break in, steal a spacesuit and bomb the window or drop a bomb there (it has happend) but yeah thats that, the problem would be SS13 being under SIEGE by the DAMN military, i mean wtf sometimes its cause the captain FORBIDS them to enter the SS13 i mean WTF he may be the leader and all but seriously, the most hilarious is when the captain steals battlepods with the crew and bombs the military base... (has happend i had to fend it with 1 military guy -_-) but yeah now you see my so called personal experiance, to make it short... EVERYONE GOES AMOC SINCE THEY GOT NO DAMN BASIC GUIDE THAT HELPS THEM GET STARTED SO THEY TAKE A DAMN CROWBAR AND BASH EACHOTHER! THEN THEY STEAL THE TOOLBOXES AND TAKE DOWN THE CAPTAIN! THEN THEY F-IN SD THE STATION ONCE ALL SANE, YES SANE PPL ARE THROWN INTO THE GARBAGE CHUTE!!! well sorry for caps but thats what it is, staff = goes berserk, military = they came, they saw, they said WTF, and shot them all...
well im back, this is another conquest, i was griefed and lookie what happens next -_- Numa Numenor has been attacked with the toolbox by Ryackovi Mushaganov.
You hear someone fall.

OOC: Tahujoe [A]: Sorry, but I trust Ryakov.
OOC: Tahujoe [A]: I also distrust people who whine.
OOC: Tahujoe [A]: I'm not denying that and--oop, you lost your connection
well lookie, these are our friendly, and daily helping admins
they ban ppl they dont kno and there buttsex buddys dont get banned since "they got a special bond of friendship" but what can you do when a guy has flaws just like SS13 and look what happens next OOC: Tahujoe [A]: I'm not denying that and--oop, you lost your connection
Connection failed.
if there was a admin rateing, there couldnt or WOULDNT be a number for its failure, SS13 admins i hope you read this and know, YOUR GAME SUX AND YOU DONT KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT RP/HELPING PEOPLE!
Of course, everyone has something to say but nobody ever clicks yay or nay...
Hey, that rhymed!
This was too funny. It had me in tears.
Android Data wrote:
I have incorporated your post in the suggestions for my version:

-- Data

All Hail Data and his SS13 version!
The first time I played SS13, I was toolboxed and sleepy pilled. Fortunately, the captain saved me. We were walking down the hal;l, and he was explaining what happened, and we get tased. Goodbye conciousness, hello garbage chute.
Hilarious and accurate review.

SS13 is only fun for all the wrong reasons. All of the moments I enjoyed most on this game were basically the results of sadistic plotting, epic grief fests, or other uncalled for shenanigans.

The one thing I will always remember was setting atmospherics on fire while dismantling the wall adjacent to the security office/room. As I finished dismantling the wall and the fire rushed in, I saw a man inside handcuffed to a chair screaming for help. Meanwhile, the officers ran out and the door slammed shut behind them, leaving the poor prisoner to suffer a fiery death.

But just about none of that made sense. It was just me committing arson (without any motive other than fun) while the other people who I expected to be "RPing" made no efforts to save the poor fellow. They were probably just laughing at the sight of it as they greedily ran for their own safety. The game fails horribly at fulfilling its actual purpose (which I was led to believe was role playing), yet can be ridiculously amusing when the players goof off. A lot of the time the best RP has to do with pirates and nazis and nothing to do with the jobs given on the station.
Hey i got a question, can anyone make a better version of ss13? It would be better without the bastards like stuntwaffle and his admins spawning a killer batman portrait(it happened to me yes) and then being banned after winning the bloody mayhem of that fight. Make some killer graphics while your at it, saaaaay code geass graphics XD. And add fair and justice admins, that when you actually rp kill them they dant ban you instead they just say (daaaaamn didnt see that coming).
And some type of prison shuttle that is actually easy to get to and spawns docked at the ss13. Make this and make me an admin and youll be awarded with good reveiws, less greifs, and maybe while ur at it, make extended have some mini disasters, like a random meteor, a gas tank leak, and a reason to wear the biohazard suits... thank you for your time.
Make you an admin, Ry? Thats asking a lot, lol. But a version of SS13 I find to have very good presentation(I give it a ten. Its popup window that appeared for the computers impressed me a lot) would be Android Data's server. Last I checked, he was friendly, the game was pretty good, and there were no fire tiles reiconned to disco. (Yeah, give me more eyesores, nannek)

The only memory of having fun on Nannek's version would be:
Malfunction, I was the AI and died with 8 seconds to victory(So close)
Some sorta round, there was a launcher and they would launch people on them, like a nice fun ride)
And finally, the round where shortly after you could mix cyanide with beer, I at first gave doctor poisoned beer and finally just fed him it. Left him for drunk, but he was dead. Won that round.

And I had played for a good few months. Three fun moments in a few months?
I was playing SS13 awhile ago, and yes - griefers were all over the damn place. They called me a "japfag" for giving my character a japanese name (a friend told me they were banned for having a japanese name), nudist idiots were running around with revolvers RKing (random kill), and the 5 admins on the server were laughing their asses off.

In fact, one of the admins was teleporting players into space, then reviving them. Naturally the players were angry, and attacked the admin. She sent them to space again, kept them there, and threatened to ban them if they ever did that again.

Then I, being a noob, got suffocated by the smoke from a random arsonist fire, put into a coma and was out of the round by all means. Not knowing multi-keying wasn't allowed, I logged on with my other key - then an admin shuts down my character before I even get off the starter shuttle, and tells me specifically, "Go eat a shit sandwhich, because it's made of poo and do do, like you you fucking multikeyer." What the hell? The playerbase for this is far worse than Mitadake High, and that's saying something. >.<
I think one of the things people don't realize is the playerbase for this game, especially a good deal of the servers, are private servers run by Something Awful Forums members, or "Goons". Not knowing who you're dealing with, it may indeed seem like you've entered a game where everyone just wants to grief you and screw around.

And indeed, that's what the Goons do to each other. The abundance of just outright outrageous and silly things you can do in SS13 caters to this crowd, there's even a FAQ out there for how to blow up the ship and get away with it.

Treat it like you would any sandbox game: Have fun with it, screw around. Unless you get in on a public RP server, don't ever expect seriousness.
Dunno why, but I had the strangest idea of SS13 being turned into something resembling Mitadake High, or something along the lines, without such an emphasis on killing. Of course, I don't know crap about BYOND coding or the like, so just an idea floating about. =/
One thing to note, the bay12games forum occasionally runs a server.

We try to keep it at least a bit more user friendly, mostly by limiting who gets admin to reduce and/or prevent overuse of abusive features.

At the moment, there is a fatal bug that will sometimes cause a server to freeze, so the usual hosts don't leave the servers up all the time, but we are working on it, and maybe after that has been sorted out, the server will be up more often. Also, someone has apparently just accuired a dedicated server and might use some of it to host a server rather than the host(s) using their own PCs.

Additionally, I am writing some tutorial code, though it has evolved in the direction of the interactive map components found in valve games. It's powerful enough to be used on it's own as a puzzle game, and everything is edited about it from within the map, rather than the code. When I can get some feedback from the mappers(and a list of all the official BS12 mappers so I can send it out to the rest of them), I'll be able to add more components so that it will eventually be able to teach a player how to start the engine, and be able to reset itself when you leave.

Also, something I have commonly seen is comments on spawning only holding an ID card. On the BS12 server(s), people start equipped for their job(even the late joiners at least have clothes and an ID on), and the admins, as far as I can tell, are more likely to respect and assist a new player.
Hey, since you have so much experience with this game, well.. I made my own server but I cant seem to give myself admin on it. I tried toying with the config text but still no good. Any suggestions?
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