Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Wow, wow, wow. I agree with a lot of the peeps here. I sure miss this game. Grew up looking forward to play it when I got home. Maybe it was a good thing that it went down (for me) because I needed less distraction from college. But I sure wish for DMO to have a future.

And reading all the names of the people that have commented here brings such... such... ahhh...
Karate Backflip
Kajika, if you really aren't all that interested in the game why don't you just release the host files and let people do what they wish with the game. it has brought each and every one of us a great deal of happiness there are no negative sides to it.
This is Jamesuknow59. Everyone in the Duel Monster Online community that is still around watching the forums. Come play YGOPro http://www.ygopro.co/
We need play this game again!
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