Ok, here's the deal: there is currently several outstanding bills related to the hosting services.

Invoice #78139 - 74.00 Euros (December server bill) *paid*
Invoice #79543 - 74.00 Euros (January server bill) *paid*
Invoice #81577 - 74.00 Euros (February server bill)
Invoice #83017 - 12.50 Euros (late fees)
Invoice #83244 - 74.00 Euros (March server bill)
Invoice #84719 - 57.53 Euros (late fees) *paid*
Invoice #84954 - 66.27 Euros (April server bill)

The invoices stricken-through have been paid out of my pocket, or via donations.

If the remaining invoices are *not* paid by April 20, 2008 the contract for both servers will be canceled and the servers wiped. I am told they can turn on the access again so that I can make a full backup - but on April 20th, they go off permanently.

Last chance folks! Contact me via digita[email protected] if you intend to pay up old accounts or donate.
Looks like some sort of progress was made as ManoAMano is currently up. I'm not sure how long it's been since I sent you something, but let me know how much another year payment is and I'll see what I can do.
ehh wonderful, after a month of telling my players we only have a week or so left i get the news that we are 3 months + late fees behind :/.

NarutoGOA has suffered a large amount due to this situation i hope we can at least get the player files back as soon as possible as it doesnt look very likely digitalbyond will be able to come back soon enough..
As digi said we'll be able to get a full backup before the wipe (if it comes to that) so I'd imagine you'll be able to get your files back.
servers are unlocked. please make a backup. i will do the same (this is in the event that digitalbyond does not return in time)