In that case, mine is downloadable from the hub.
Well this is forwarded from the forum post I created.

I would like to turn your attention towards the announcement of my turn based strategy game properly named Fortay. Basically, you assemble a party of 4 chracters by selecting a class from a list of factions. The game requires two players to play; there is currently just one map too. I will be submitting this into the Build Your Own Board Game contest. Please, if you find any problems or just want to suggest something feel free to email me at [email protected] Make sure you include either BYOND or Fortay within the tile or else the message may be ignored. You can also always post on my blog.

For more information about the game and download please visit my blog: 1721601?command=view_post&post=42875
Just incase you don't get my E-mail, my entry is World War One and One Half, which has a download link on its hub. Use the link in the description, because when you try to download the one supplied by BYOND the unzip fails.
A little less than 3 hours left. :(
Can we get an extension of one day? ;)
Heh, I seriously thought that the deadline was the 15th a few days ago. >_>
Can we seriously get an extension of 1 day? I didn't realize it until now, but the host files I sent in were from before I fixed a major (As in you can't win in the correct manner) bug! The sad part is, it was a typo...
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