Reno, when do you come on man?
i will try to host Pokemon Aqua Aura if you want me to
I am still hosting Pokemon Aqua Aura and have no intention to stop hosting it. So we do not need you to host it.
Your Game Rocks
Your the best buddy.
Hey Reno its me *wink* How have you been?
reno i wanna to ask a thing of pokemon aqua aura the game its off now and a friend tell me to ask the host filles our that to you can you send me so i can play your game i am a big fan (aqua aura ever )XD
Can someone tell me the URL of pokemon aqua aura ?
Marcochurra, you should read the hub. You will find out that the game is not been hosted due to bugs and every time I host the server it crashes. At the moment Reno doesn't have much time and sometimes his internet is down so we still haven't met. Once i meet Reno and we get an update sorted, the game will be hosted again by me.


i renember you ali but its possible to host games then are offline thats just what i want to play because its a freaking awesome game
now then i discover the gym its on and the distortion world its acessable i wanan to play now >:O :3
I hope then you can open the game reno now then its summer you surely have a lot of time no?
ali but can you make a server just for see who is the game in bugs and that and maybe with someone more it will work and if the game its with problems why there is a comment of today of the game from elly ?
I don't know what you are talking about with Elly. Also if I was to bring a temp server, everyone's saves would be gone forever.
ali go to the comments of the game and see ell post a comment just today our yesterday its kidan mesed up the calenday of the game our before yesterday ,she put a comment about the updates
I put the updates on the hub. Read it is says Thanks Ali. That was my message.
ok it look likes then i have to wait for reno update the bugs soon we will meet on the game again ali ut i will be has a difrent poke then usuall :D and i hope then reno appears too some day
Why don't you answer on your pager Reno?
ali so you dont open the server today ?
reino can you fix spheal quest because everytime then i do reset login he doenst accept my ice crown
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