The server is up though I still need Reno to update.
ali can you do anything to made me complete the spheal quest he jsut doenst aceppt my crown pls?
reino if you read this pls fix spheal glitch fast i am at a spheal away to go to the distortion world
reino new glitch now you cant pick up items when someoen picks a item he dissapaers and doenst apaper in the inventory
yeah the first regi reino you could add riolu and gible they are almost know has starters XD and where will lugia be?
today a new people will host the server? :P
For god sake, I was away on a trip for a while and the server crashed. That does not mean you need a new host.
I don't Like server Crashes
They happen due to bugs which people cause and also sources problems. I cannot do anything about that.
today server will not be open?:(
It was open but somehow it crashed, anyway it's up now
Marco, you spammed alot. Koyo saw you amongst other people and there is alot of proof against you. I have seen you spamming before and you are now spamming Reno's page with basically the same comment. I will think about your unban request and talk to the community and GM team.
k i will wait until then i stop the spam here
this comment its a update idea to reno if spam its forbiden why you dont put a commmand to disable repeated leeter and words?
1. Do not ask for Admin.
2. Respect fellow players and ranking players.
3. No Spamming of anykind.
4. No Swearing of anykind.
5. Do not random PK players,ask to battle first.
6. Do not advertise other games,you will be muted.
7. Trainers, do not random catch people,ask them first.
8. No dirty/pornographic icons.
9. There is a build zone,dont build anywhere you want.
with that command no one could spam so no one gets annoyed
Hey Reno :O lol
Hi Kujika. I love PAA. Its Prob ur best idea ever. O yea and Marc, Hydrobattles, Ali and Koyoss, if ur reading this, Dark Ruler Of Cookiez said hi. To u 2, Hamza.
thx for that mario its my fisrst hi of you guys in 2 days :(
Hey Reno. Was this game gonna have trainers too? cause i noticed rule number 7 on the rule list that ali posted in is comment, but im guessing that idea was droped.(Yay i made 100th comment)
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