Reno Kujika wrote:
Milomilotic11 wrote:
Can i host Pokemon Aqua Aura i love that game and im one mostly every single day!so you dont have to worry about the game not running so if you want me as a host just reply.

I know you made this comment quite a while ago but if you would still like to host I would very much appreciate it, the game is going through various and drastic updates and should be ready to host in about 2 weeks, so if you would still like to host let me know!

K dude im rdy to host...just send me the host file to my [email protected] and thxs! Don't worry about abusing cause i have my own game...and when its up can you like make me a GM so ppl don't go out of contol?
ummmm sorry wrong e-mail....send it to THIS e-mail
[email protected]
Don't let this game die! It's most freedom of Pokemon games on Byond and I love it! Good luck!
Hey dude you haven't sent the host file yet XD but seriously when are you gonna send it cause i REALLY want to host so here, send it to THIS e-mail------------------->[email protected]
I wish PAA will hurry up and come back up, i've been sooooo bored without it up. D:
send me the update files reno im back to 24/
PAA is the best game that ever happened to BYOND!!!
PokeScouts wrote:
PAA is the best game that ever happened to BYOND!!!
Correction the best THING to ever happen to Byond

If the pokemon had clothes and jobs that would be ace!
PokeScouts wrote:
If the pokemon had clothes and jobs that would be ace!


i want to play kirby dreams of absolution but its not up can someone put up a server
paa needs to come back on.
If someone would like to host a version of PAA id be glad to let you host it. Just don't screw me over and take my trust like that. Try and be able to host as much as possible.
with my stupid router i cant host... not even more than 4 hours each days if my router works lol. too bad alikhan left.. btw o.O just started to get online more often... busy lately
clothes? jobs? lol really what you mean explain this to me
for pokemon aqua aura when the pokemon change there should be a video of it changeling
your head admin ali just banned me without warning or notice about water gun being bugged and 2 other players used water gun and probably didnt ban them, he needs to learn how to be an appropiate admin and give warnings first.
For your information, it was clearly mentioned when you join the game do not use water gun. You were warned by several different people too. Just because i don't tell doesn't mean i an watching you. Besides you will be unbanned next update
i guess it wasnt clearly mentioned because otherwise i wouldnt have done it, also when you make a char or log in it doesnt say anything about water gun bug and you cannot depend on other players on telling other new arriving players it is bugged since it isnt their job and they might be doing something else besides be cautious about other players using water gun,and also i hope you saw two other players using the move while i was there, but whatever,i guess if i'll be unbanned and i hope the next update would fix the water gun move.
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