ali any decision?
The answer is no until I see Reno.
can i at least defend myself? i also haev some profs then i am innocent
No, I will further discuss this with Reno when I see him.
wwhen u goin to bring back aqua aaura
when u goin to bring back pokemon aqua aura
chris reino its hard to see the server its shutdown until ali sees renoand fixes the bugs be pacience until then
i stay banned?
Marcochurra wrote:
i stay banned?

Your unbanned.
rlly? :D ali you are the best of the best thx a lot
Who all wants this game back?
Reno, Come online man.
We all want this game back but we never see ya. Get on!!!
i want the game back~
plz plz plz take pokemon aqua aura back we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it plz plzplzplzplzpzlzplzplzpzl :(
Dude whens AA comin Back?
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