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The merged update forums might appear more active and are perhaps easier for moderators to keep track of. However, I find it nigh impossible to weed out projects that might interest me as a player/developer. My attempts at using the search bar have failed.

There is already a filter to at least partially solve this. The updates are attached to hubs. Those hubs have tags. Please do the following:
  • Place the hub tag cloud in both the Game Update and Demos & Libraries forums.
  • Make selecting a tag limit the display of forum posts to projects with that tag.
I'm generally up for this, as presently the Game Update forum is just a wall of games that I would have to trudge through.
It would be nice if they could sort things based on how many people are fans of a game and I'm a fan of those people. That way I can easily find games I'd like by being friends with people who have decent taste.
Good suggestion .. it should be easy to do.