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Hey I don't mean to bug you but I noticed you have dragonball Gekisen's hostfiles

If you would zip them and email them to [email protected]

I wouldn't be able to thank you enough
I have more than gekisen's hostfiles, I have the source files too ;) I am hosting on a dedicated server now, there shouldn't be any need for you to have the host files anyhow but I will make a version and release host files limiting to 25-30 players per server hosted as a release canidate for anyone who wants to host their own server. GM option will be taken out of them, as well as the official server. Making the gameplay balanced and fair to play where the host can even play fairly and encourage other players to play the game without any abuse whatsoever :D

The reason for this limitation of 25-30 players per server is because I know there is a limitation to peoples bandwidth, and without overdoing the bandwidth for personal servers I figure at least 20-30 people limitation would be good... so people can be free to do whatever they want without having to worry about if they have enough bandwidth. And with that said there will be a 10-20 version as well for those people with even crappier bandwidth. What I am striving for is an updated version of Gekisen and unmoderated so people can do whatever they want to do without worry of abusive GM's just as dan had wanted it to start being when I was a dev for the game. So ED and I will be the only GM's along with Masterdan even though he has quit BYOND itself, the purpose for this is to test for bugs and if there are any bugs there will be quick fixes for them.