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hello im a host of my game and sometimes it crashes randomly and in dream daemon it says this - proc name: Enter (/turf/Gravity/HBTC_Gravity/Enter)
source file:,7
Warning: further proc crash messages are being suppressed to prevent overload...

stuff like that, is there anyyway to make it so it wont give me those msgs at all so it wont crash cus its all pointless crap.

Thank You
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You cannot stop runtime errors. The owner of the games, however, can - By tampering with the coding that provides the run time error.
well i am owner, what do u suggest is wrong with code?
Couldn't say. I haven't the knowledge of the error or coding.
kk well nothing wrong with code so idk is your place. Show us the part of the code that's causing the runtime, the line and we'll try to help you fix it.
ok i made a topic there