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by Fire_Laena
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My key is Naruto296 i just wantedd ti know why i was banned i didnt do anything i just tried to log in one day and it said i was banned. i was just asing why.
Hello there.

If you are banned and would like to appeal a ban, please come and post it on the forum.



Link to Forum : http://pokemonredsteel.proboards.com/index.cgi?

Must be this format (Copy and paste it to a new thread in the "Banned from Game" board) : http://pokemonredsteel.proboards.com/ index.cgi?board=bannedkthx&action=display&thread=1554
It makes no sense thought because i have no idea why i was banned. i logged off and one day i tried to log back on and it said i had been banned.
Maybe someone used your computer and then you got banned. You cannot be banned for nothing. Appeal for an unban at the forum.


I looked through the ban list but I can't find your key in there... I'll do a second search when I got time... In the meantime, got an IP so I can search for that?

Did you use any other alts? Also it would be helpful if you made a thread on the games forum.

You can find a link on the hub.


all my acounts are conected so, i made two people on my acounts and i always use the same name nimco and it was on my acount cutieboyfive and i put the name on both of the people and i got banned and im on a difrent acount typeing it all my acounts are conected so i cant use it anymore cause i got banned, if you didnt understand the user part i just talked about ignore it so plz unbanned me.