So heres the story...

U all know Belthazar/Peetah/Dutchie(the host)who was a basterd.Well since I couldn't take it I reported him to the owner.The host was gonna be fired for having the iconner lose his savefile.No wait he was fired.After this miracle the owner found a new host.This new host wasn't to be trusted as he took NFV's files and left.Thats where I came in.My mission get back the NFV files,but how?Well since a few games ripped NFV I had to retain those files.There was a near-death tragidy from a hit and run accident.Miracoulously I survived the tragic incident.When I came back I could see that my brother had gotten of the files.Now I am the #2 Owner on NFV.I have found trustable hosts so don't worry NFV will be back in a place near u ur computer room.Lol
r u ken?
Ken is the host I am the the second owneer
Hi!! I want to b a GM becaue i've never been a GM before and I want to learn how to b one, and the best way to do that, is to b one myelf. also, i can help people with the game. _♫
hey mickey, can i b a gm with more verbs plz? y did they go away anyways? cant u make me one again or change my rank so i can get them back?