Some people were lucky enough to download an early leaked demo of Spore's Creature Creator. This thing has some pretty awesome features. A few of which include...

-The obvious snapshot tool
-The "Capture Animated Avatar" button, which makes a gif of your creature doing a pose
-The in-game ability to film your creature, and have the film automatically uploaded to your YouTube account
-You can import other user-created creatures by simply downloading a picture of them from the Spore website

The 'demo' only includes about 25% of the full game's parts and options, but it's still incredible in terms of customization.
If you didn't get a link to the leaked demo(Kotaku), you'll have to wait another 2 days before you can get your hands on it(sadly, it costs $10. Well worth it for the early experience for me, though). I've made a few creatures, and took a few screenshots and took some pictures. Here's some of them now:

The only reason his name has a reference to Ike is because he was designed to be a total powerhouse in terms of direct combat. For the fun of it, his description reads that he fights for his friends.

Here's a few examples of the Avatar button at work:

Yeah, I decided to try my hand at making a Bunchie. You guys still love their beady eyes, right? RIGHT? Anyway, the mouth is off, I know. It's because there are no mouths that just attatch the design to the skin, they are seperate bulky peices that are attatched to the base. I shrunk it as much as possible, and I think it came out pretty good. I probably got the color wrong too, but I don't really care.

Bunchie avatars:

Alright, before any comments appear about the 'jew' part, this creature was done to make fun of someone I know IRL. Some of you may remember him from a few years ago as "Dondar1". The name joke comes from the fact that, well, he is pretty racist against them. Also, he is pink because there was a time when he had a mohawk in "Pepto Bismol" pink, which sparked a long-running joke about it. He looks kinda like a bear, as well. I also punned slightly on "Manbearpig" for the name.
I'll probably end up renaming him at a later date.

I'll post more some other time. ;)
Wow, nice impression of Dondar, he was one jew with anger problems..
Great googly moogly. Downloading now. I've been checking TPB for this daily since I heard of the press getting early copies.

Just so you know, the demo version is free, the retail version will have all the parts, and cost $10.
Danial.Beta wrote:
Just so you know, the demo version is free, the retail version will have all the parts, and cost $10.

Until we get a torrent for it, too.
I just realized something someone should probably do when the full game comes out.

Planet: Final Destination
Race: Closely resembles Fox
Vehicles: Landmasters