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Coming soon: links from outside BYOND! But today: links from inside BYOND!

Final Fantasy 3 (NES). The verdict: Meh.
["You can essentially change your class at any moment, and the only thing that carries over is Max HP."] SilkWizard?command=view_post&post=44188

[I enjoyed the Spore Creature Creator posts, but I'm not linking to them because it's not officially out yet, which makes me suspect shenanigans were involved.]

Looking for Coder
[Looking-for-coder posts don't often fare well on BYOND, but I give Nicc credit for being polite and laying out exactly what he needs] Nicc?command=view_post&post=44173

Metered internet is on the rise. Here's how you can stop it.
[I'll be OK as long as I don't try to download movies... right?] AnNoYaNcEFaCtOr?command=view_post&post=44167

Six Years on BYOND
[Congratulations! And as DDT's official robot ergonomicist, I give this link my hearty approval:] BlackBirdOmega?command=view_post&post=44141

[Work proceeds apace!] ACWraith?command=view_post&post=44091

Why hello Mr. Scope, how shall I exceed you today?
[The mad are more to be pitied than censured.] Jtgibson?command=view_post&post=44087
hi i am fantum and i need help making my game i do not no how to make one so if some one whoud help me make it plez if some one will the game is Naruto:Naruto's Revenge Rise of Sound, Leaf and Akatsuki u can contakr me at [email protected]
Just have fun
Hi how do you create a game using DreamMakers??? If you could help just send a Email to [email protected].
Send me a new espada Room