by Super Saiyan X
A very small library with no useful features, such as getting a list of fans from the hub; and retrieving your hub ID.
This library currently has the following features;
returns the hub's Hub ID, which is a numerical value which appears to be increasing incrementally. This value can be used to link to your hub in a fashion;

returns a list of fans, from a hub. The procedure will put them into an associative list, with members having the text "MEMBER" being associated with them, in the list.

Get_User_Title(key or ckey)
returns the user's BYOND title, such as "Moderator", "Member" and so on.

returns the Games Live! value from the Games menu

Returns the Players Online value from the Games menu

You can pretty much ignore the stuff in the file, which is just the programming for the procedures. Both procedures return the values needed, and usage of them can be seen in the file.
I love this. Awesome work!