My Life as a Spy

by Skysaw
My Life as a Spy
Five teams of spies compete to secure documents, using nifty spy gadgets to foil their enemies.
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I'm reviewing my personal favorite game on Byond, My Life as a spy made famous by Skysaw. Please don't FLAME me how horrible I am at making review I'm going to make this review that shows its up and downs.

-Gameplay 8-
My Life as a spy is a RPG game where you role-play as a spy.

Theres a number of things to do from:
You can go doc run for tp (training points) you use them to train your character skill as when you do that it increase your percentage till next rank.

Also theres a decent number of missions to complete. The game could use more though.

If you don't want to do those 2 you can hide behind a drop off box (where you deliver documents) and wait for enemy spies from another agency to steal their documents and return them to your document clerk for a high tp reward.

-Presentation 7-

The icons are all original bt could use a great change. But I'm not going to complain cause the game itself is great. The sounds are original and decent but I always have sounds off for Byond so i can lsiten to music when i play.

-Originality 10-

This game is very well original. It's also one of the oldest games on Byond. If you haven't tried it yet, dont knock it till you do. All the icons for mob/turfs/ etc... are original.

-Community 3-

Honestly I cant judge the community except the staff is nice and will enforce all rules. Theres not many players to ruin the game for you. Game could use some new players.

-Overall 9-
The game has always been my favorite and always will be. The game is generally fun when you have other players to play with and interact with. My Overall is a 9 since the mission system and just about everything else was programmed great and the originality of it is what makes me play it then anime games.

P.S. not sure where to put this but a downside to the game is non-subs can only reach rank 11 (100%) and can't join purple/white team with out the Gold Subscription. 1 year is 5.00 2 years 10.00 3 years 12.50.

Mhmm, interesting. Wait, so what is this about?

Good job buddy. ;-)
Killerdevil wrote:
Mhmm, interesting. Wait, so what is this about?

Good job buddy. ;-)

This is about a game on byond called my life as a spy.

A huge plus to the game is the complex variety of way to kill/ foil enemies. There are many types of damage and many ways to protect from damage. A huge part of being successful in fighting and protecting yourself is changing gear on the fly. My favorite part of the game is the combat by far. I also love the fact that you don't necessarily have to be a high rank character to be successful in fighting a well equipped Rank 3 with a skilled player can take on a Rank 20. Its all in the player. This game is the only reason I even come on to BYOND and I am sad that it is not as active as it used to be.
The game is 7 years old,if Skysaw worked on the game for 7 years it would be way different from now.It will probally be the best game on BYOND if he had worked on it for 7 years.Everything will be improve.You gotta say this game is pretty old.The icons are okay...Just now what people expect from today.If Skysaw came back and worked on MLAAS it would be so freaking awesome.I would hope someone would have the source so we can update the game to make it really good.Or make SkySaw come back to BYOND to improve the game.I would be playing 24/7 if he came back and improved it.:D
The game is nice, but there are a lot of mean people on there.