XD Whatever you do, don't take this blog post too seriously. It's a synopsis for the first Harry Potter book. (Naturally, I'm bored enough to think this stuff up)

"Harry Potter is a book about a young teenage boy who discovers he can create a magical feeling by playing with his wand. He is joined by friends Ron and Hermione who also have wands to play with (this explains much about Hermione's personality) and together they go on an adventure to a fantastic school to learn how to play with their wands safely without putting someone's eye out.

Harry's first encounter with wands is thanks to a big hairy man named Hagrid, who shows Harry that a short, pink and flabby wand can work just as well as a long, black one. After some misadventures in an old shack with Harry's foster family, Hagrid takes our young hero to a pub and then out the back where Hagrid uses his want to introduce Harry to the land of magic for the first time.

During this encounter, Harry learns that people who play with their wands have formed a secret society and call themselves "wizards" and "witches". In this society, safe from the accusatory glances of the wandless, (or "muggles" as they are known in magic land) witches and wizards can play with their wands in public, and even study and develop the arts of wand use further!

Harry is sent to study at the prestigious Hogwarts Academy, where the headmaster Dumbledore shows Harry that even old wands still work if used right. In fact, Dumbledore is SO good at wand usage that he is widely known as the best "wizard" around. Harry secretly hopes to someday claim that title as his own, but he has a long way to go before his magical feelings mature enough for that.

There is a dark side to the land of "witches" and "wizards" however. The evil "wizard" Voldemort has wand envy of Harry and has been trying to take away Harry's magical feelings ever since Harry was just a defenseless baby! Fortunately for Harry, his mom was an even better "witch" than Voldemort and she turned his own wand against him, causing Voldemort to spray himself with his own terrible essence. Voldemort was weakened for a long time after that, unable to even do so much as lift his wand at Harry, and thus Harry was safe to live his life. UNTIL NOW.

Voldemort has returned, and this time he intends to make sure that Harry can never play with his wand ever again. History repeats itself and Voldemort's wand will once again rise to try and puncture Harry's innocence, and only Harry himself can possibly stop this new menace from bursting the fragile membrane of joy that he holds so dear.

Will he succeed? Only time will tell..."
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Oddly funny.
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