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How cool! Now i can do lots of more things ^.^ And for 1 year.... WOW! Thanks Byond :D
can i be a host to your game
pokemon neon revolution
can i be a host too
can i be a gm plz?
Mystic, No begging for GM. Shadow828 you get privelages, WildHugia You do too.
I have a GM App.
Key: Kingdom-Naruto
EXP. Ive been GM Many times on ALOT of games
Other info. Im not a hoster, sry. I know one though. Contact me at [email protected]/ Im also a BYOND Member, and i have alot of pokemon icons. Thank you.
I don't need a hoster any more - Any posts other that Hosters I will look into, first, I need to get the files off my other computer, and we will begin! I just got a new router.

I am SINCERELY sorry for not being on!
hi i am new here i was wondering if i can host your game i am a good host but i was wondering if i could be a shaymin
Hi there,
My name is Taiuno. I am newer to byond and I was just wondering if you could get back to me. I've been looking for someone who made a newer pokemon game and I noticed you have. Could you tell me when it is up because I would really like to try it out! Thanks for reading this...
I would be able to host your game. Im on like everyday!!
Can i host it im on EVERY day and i wouldn't mind hosting a game i host like 3 other games so if could say yes to me mabye you could email me the game and ill host it! Please reply if the awnser is yes
if you need any help ill help
Hey dark i want to be Co Owner in your game Pokemon Neon Revolution
hey man did u ever fix the problem where it says port 1233 cannot be reached by players? i would really appreciate it if u help me with that problem thanks