Poll: Would you play a BYOND game with an external controller?

Yes - It would bring a greater experiece to BYOND. 83% (40)
Maybe - I'd like to use both the keyboard and controller. 6% (3)
No - There is no point. 10% (5)

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So I have been messing around with a program called JoyToKey: JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm

It basically allows you to take an external controller such as a joy stick or other game controllers (in this case, an XBox360 controller) and allows you to create inputs for the keys that you would normally use on the keyboard. I've been using it with a couple of games: Final Fantasy V and Resident Evil on BYOND.

It...fricken...rules. I've mapped out most of the possible buttons that could be used and found which buttons do what, where they are located, and assigned the keys for the controller.

For instance: plug in your XBox controller, open up JoyToKey, click on the others tab on the right, make sure all the check boxes are checked and set the analog stick sensitivity to 25%-50% (makes it easier to use if you are going to use it). The button map goes at such:

Left Analog Up = AxisY(<0)
Left Analog Down = AxisY(>0)
Left Analog Left = AxisX(<0)
Left Analog Right = AxisX(>0)

X = Button 3
Y = Button 4
A = Button 1
B = Button 2

Start = Button 8
Select = Button 7

Left Bumper = Button 5
Right Bumper = Button 6

Left Trigger = Axis3(>0)
Right Trigger = Axis3(<0)

D-Pad Up = POV1UP
D-Pad Right = POV1RIGHT
D-Pad Down = POVDOWN
D-Pad Left = POVLEFT

For this example, lets use Final Fantasy V to use for the controller. The settings should be like so:

POV1UP = Arrow-Up (keyboard up button)
POV1RIGHT = Arrow-Right
POV1DOWN = Arrow-Down
POV1LEFT = Arrow-Left

The D-Pad settings should all have an automatic shooting of 4 or 5 (anything higher would make it hard to control your character or select an option in a menu). Now you can walk around without having to repeatedly press the arrow keys. Now it's like the real game.

Button 8 = PageUp (This opens the menu)
Button 2 = Home (Cancels the menu)
Button 1 = Clear (Numlock off 5, it selects an option)

These buttons should NOT have an automatic shooting, don't touch the slider, just leave it where it is.

Keep JoyToKey running or minimize it (closing it doesn't make it work) and go play FFV. You should see that it runs quite smooth and it just feels more like a video game. Of course, you can add more commands to the controller through JoyToKey, but this is the basic controls to play the game.

When you make a control layout for a game, you can save it an make a new one, and easily switch from one game's to another's control layout via the list on the left side of the application.

Should you want to use someone else's configuration, send them the cfg file and save it in the same directory that the JoyToKey application is in. Its really that simple.

Just keep messing around with the program, and I'm sure you'll find something your used to. Have fun and happy gaming!

If you want the cfg for FFV, here ya go: Final%20Fantasy%20V.cfg</0></0>;
I see there are some votes pointed towards that using an Xbox controller would not make a better experience for them. Mind telling some of the reasons?
Hey man, thanks to you I went out and bought the stuff needed to get my 360 controller on the PC today.
Hey Arcane, you think you can make some cfg files for other games as well?
JoyToKey has come up a few times, I have to say I absolutely love it. I had JoyToKey setup on hub://NatureNutz.EvilResidents for a while. Made it so that game would fully work on an 8-button gamepad.

Worked great on an action game like that, especially since you could use autofire, allowing you to hold multiple buttons (good for running and gunning).

I've always wanted native gamepad support on BYOND, but I fear the chance of that is slim to none.
There is something about using a keyboard which is just boring, its why I prefer to play games on my 360 instead. I actually had no idea u cud connect a 360 controller to the PC. It sort of would give PC games a more contained, easier to useness about it.
Yammen wrote:
Hey Arcane, you think you can make some cfg files for other games as well?

Actually, I was hoping someone would ask for me to do that. Make a list of games you guys want me to make cfg files for, and I'll see what I can do.

And I'm glad you bought the necessary equipment to use your 360 controller, it makes playing games on the computer much, much easier and a lot more fun in my opinion.
I've always thought the game Megaman Wars was unbearable but with a controller it could be quite enjoyable, so that's one of the games.

If you can use the right thumbstick to control the mouse, and use the right trigger to click, then Space Station 13 would be another.

A premade cfg file for Resident Evil would be nice.

Games that primarily function with the mouse won't work well on a gamepad.
Can you upload the Resident Evil cfg?

There's the cfg for Megaman Wars by Dixon. If you can improve upon it please do.