Poll: Real or Fake?

Real 12% (5)
Fake 87% (34)

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*yeah I know i'm late but nobody posted anything on the members page.
You're a bit late. This has already been debunked, a few times.
Either way, these guys are going to ruin their lives if this is all one big hoax. They cant hide that tubsquatch forever!
Biscardi, the guy who claims he has Bigfoot’s body, is notorious for pulling Bigfoot hoaxes. So there is one reason you can not believe this for one second. Here is a picture I grabbed from the BFRO site showing how this is a costum with probably an animals body inside. Also recent DNA test included human and opossum.

All this was is Biscardi’s attempt at getting his “15 minutes of fame” once again, and it is a shame.
Someone should stick his ass in a freezer then.
fake pictures right there
Heh, tubsquatch. So that's the true myth....