Grandpa said, 'No, but I served in a company of heroes.'
Great video, very deep.
Major Dick Winters from the 101st Airborne's Easy Company. Veterans from the D-Day Normandy landing. (I hope I got that right hehe). I just finished watching Band of Brothers for the first time... portrays their movements through world war II amazingly. I'm flawed that Major Dick Winters still hasn't got his medal of honor. He well and truly deserves it.
My personal family history in the wars seems to be full of dumb ass Americans shooting British soldiers.

I don't think any of my dead relatives were actually killed by the enemy.

Not like this problem has gone away either, well done for murdering the 12 British soldiers in the Iraq war, the enemy didn't kill one.
Winters was recommended for the Medal of Honor for his leadership at Brécourt Manor, but the recommendation was downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army's second highest award for combat valor, due to the policy of awarding only one Medal of Honor per division (Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole was the 101st Airborne Division's soldier to receive the Medal of Honor for the Normandy Campaign).

That's why he hasn't gotten it yet.
My favourite episode is when they're in that foxhole and shouting for their friend to crawl to him during the shelling and then he's crawling and they get blown up instead.
I liked that episode too. Not 'cause they got bloweded to smithereens, but 'cause the medic kicked ass. He was ftw.