by Asielen
A bignum library that can handle decimals and negative numbers
This library gives you the ability to work with real numbers of any length. (Depending on your computer and your patience.)

It is both faster* and more versatile than previous BYOND bignum libraries. It can handle math with decimal precision and both positive and negative numbers.

For example:

Say you wanted to multiply:
13,563,757,534,732.345324 * -324,236,743.45
This library allows you to do so.
(The answer is: -4397868572007015915234.5951278)

Check out the reference here:

Currently this library supports the four basic functions:
as well as number comparisons, rounding, and factorials.

More functions to come in the future.

*Here is a full evaluation of the speed: RealBigNum%20Performance%20Profile.pdf
(full excel results: )

6/11/12 - Realized the link was broken. Fixed it
7/24/12 - v111
-Fixed some bugs and added a couple features
12/31/12 – v113
–Fixed a bug that didn't let you multiply in the demo
–Couple minor features
Is there any way you could add a random proc for this?