Poll: Which do you prefer?

Sound 71% (94)
No Sound 28% (38)

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How many of you play games with or without sound?

By sound, i dont mean just music in a game, im talking about sound effects as well.

no sound
I prefer sound, but I do not play with sound because my computer is a bitch and doesn't allow my sound to be enabled.

My vote is No Sound, then.
I prefer sound, but no sound isn't bad, especially in the case of games where projectiles are spammed etc.
It depends. If the sound effects make my ears bleed than no, no sound. If the sound effects are good, yeah do them.
Good sound effects are crucial to the game experience, even in cases where you wouldn't think they would be. They're immersive and provide feedback in a way that visuals alone can't.
If the sound isn't overly repetitive, and it flows with the game, I will play with the sound on. (provided that things that make sound can't be spammed or something similar) otherwise I'll turn it off and listen to itunes.
If the sound is overly repetitive, that itself tends to say that the sound has been badly done. Bad sound is as bad as (or worse than) no sound at all. It's important for game authors to use it judiciously.
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