Here's a little tool that will help you folks with the bosses in Mega Man 9.

Galaxy Man - Use Concrete Shot
Jewel Man - Use Black Hole Bomb
Plug Man - Use Jewel Satellite
Tornado Man - Use Plug Ball
Magma Man - Use Tornado Blow
Hornet Man - Use Magma Bazooka
Splash Woman - Use Hornet Chaser
Concrete Man - Use Laser Trident

The list above is in the order I went with bosses, proves it's right, considering that's the weakness cycle. Now, the Wily levels.

Stage 1)Weird Spikeball/head thingy - Use Mega Buster, shoot the spike balls into the heads
Stage 2)Giant Fish - Use Laser Trident
Stage 3)Green/Yellow Devil Blob - Use Black Hole Bomb
Stage 4)
-Wily Phase 1 - Use Mega Buster to knock the eggs back toward his mouth (3rd hit on him will deal the damage)
-Wily Phase 2 - Use Concrete Shot
-Wily Phase 3 - Use Plug Ball

I hope this comes in handy to anyone who hasn't figured any of this out yet.