Space Tug 2001

by Gughunter
A BYOND Classic that's a real "fixer-upper." Can you improve it?
Keywords: game, game_source
This was the second version of my Alien "fan game." I released this a while back, but since I never made a Dream Makers post out of it, now's a good time to do that.

I don't claim that this is a great example of quality BYOND programming. It's mostly competent, with some hacky parts and a few genuine bugs. Helpful code comments are rare. The user interface leaves a lot to be desired, especially by 4.0 standards. And some of the code was written only to work around limitations that no longer exist in BYOND.

So, why do I think it's worthwhile to post here? A few reasons:

1) Bugs and clunky interface aside, it was a fun game.

2) It's a fairly large project and contains things that could be useful in other games. If you have the patience to sit down and spend a half-hour browsing through someone else's source code, you may get some ideas from it.

3) You are welcome to use the icons and other resources for your own purposes. (I got Gazoot's permission to include his jarring suspense music in this package, and I found the Moonlight Sonata on a site that claimed it was public domain.)
It always looked and sounded fun but I never got to play it with people :(
I'm stealing that new player sound effect.
woot go gughunter!
Would you mind awefully if it was thrown in a repository somewhere, under a GPLv3 licence?
Stephen001 wrote:
Would you mind awefully if it was thrown in a repository somewhere, under a GPLv3 licence?

I'm a little leery of the GPL because as I understand it, no one can sell derivative works, and in this case I'd *want* people to sell derivative works (if they were inclined and if the works were good) so that BYOND could take a cut and Tom could order pizza delivery now and then. I probably wouldn't mind putting some kind of Creative Commons license on it. Or you could just stick with the Dream Makers license, which would be a YouTube video of Sergeant Schultz saying "I see nothing!" if I could find one.

You can sell derivative works and/or services tied to derivative works, the main catch would be the source code must remain open. I mean to be fair, the licence only really works if you enforce it, which I suspect you don't have the time nor inclination for that. As such the GPLv3 licence would serve as a notice of how the originator of the work (you et al) would like the source code to be handled and what you'd preferably like derivative works to do. CC licences aren't worth the paper they aren't written on usually (see also: Tango), but that's not such a big deal in this case. The big benefit of GPLv3 is mainly that I can throw it on Sourceforge, much like we did with OpenSS13.
I have found your game incredibly enjoyable, I myself am an experienced coder- I will make improvements to your game such as openning doors, activating consoles and going up and down in floors with a click of the mouse, I will also add a a bit "o" pizzaz to your icons (I liked the alien icon, shame it only had two sufficient states).

I will also send the improved source to you given that you reply to me somehow.