Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Hey guys.
I couldn't find anywhere the server files for Space Station 13, where can I get it?
Thanks in advance for help.
using tortose svn

install tortose svn

when installed

make folder

right click


paste this

click ok

it will download

then click file inside folder

dream maker will open ss13 project file

at top Build then comple

then host using tgstation.dmb or run file in folder after comple
Thanks a lot man! You are the best!
Everything is great, I've downloaded it, tried it, made myself an admin, but I don't know how to make it work for people from online. How should I set my IP and Port in there?
How do you make yourself an admin?
Wait I tried tortose svn but it won't want go to anything when I put it in on google
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I tried tortose svn it want go to anything as if it can't be found
Trying to get this to work too. Is there an extensive guide somewhere as to how to properly host?

Me and some buddies are, frankly, trying to just learn the controls and roles in a non-spam and non-hostile environment after we failed at being Engineers and were insulted by the entire crew.
TG station wiki has a good tutorial, if you know how to search, you'll find it.
haha, I assume you mean this:

An excellent article. I'd been trying to run the server from the wrong file, I guess. Now, the question is, how does one set it up to public. Biggest problem I'm having is finding the right port. Was it 3306 OR 2506?

EDIT: Ok, now my server is reporting it's "reachable" by players after messing with my stupid router but when I try to join my own server the Dream Daemon freezes and stops responding.

One step forward, one step back!

Found this to no avail...

And this...

EDIT: Figured it out. Had to get my router to cooperate and also get a GOOD server setup. Mine had been corrupted. A ton of work but worth it.

EDIT: Ok, I figured out my old problem. I was going with the SVN downloaded station files from index.php?title=Downloading_the_source_code and, no matter what I do, it does not work. That was the server testbuild I was trying to get running but it crashes. Also, it's reporting no errors or anything. Even running it as it comes defaulted doesn't work. Any ideas?

Just realized I'm talking about the SVN download Matrix128 in this thread suggested and following the guide word for word. No idea why it is still crashing when I go to join it.
LOTS of var/color related duplication errors...
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RolanDecoy wrote:
LOTS of var/color related duplication errors...

It's because that is outdated as shit.
Google "TGStation Github" for the correct one.