Keywords: man, mega, mmo
I'm considering making a Mega Man game that feels like a MMO, but I'm really needing some icons done. The game is going to be overhead style, like any RPG would, but it's going to have some platforming thrown in, like a typical Mega Man game.

I need base icons for male/female, I need clothing/armor overlays that would look as they appear to be from a Mega Man game, and I need hair overlays, since I'm going to be allowing some customization. Hair overlays should be black, shading is allowed, but I'm going to be using a coloring system I developed so people can select from a list of colors to change their hair color. Same goes for eye color, that needs to be black. All icons and overlays should include the following animations:

-walking (4 frames, like Final Fantasy 6)
-jumping (1 frame)
-dashing (1 frame)
-getting hit (1 frame)
-shooting (1 frame)
-attack (2 frames, like typical Final Fantasy style attacking)

Remember, I want all animations to be in all 4 directions, not just copy/paste the left and right animations and plug them into north and south.

If anyone is interested, please make a reply, and post a male or female base icon facing south. I'll decide which ones I want after looking through all the candidates.