Just a note guys, The building in the bottem picture is still being worked on and the GFX is just a place holder, hope you like them though :) good work Goten84 :D
From DBO To Dbo2 this was not a small update you guys working hard and thanks for the update and for the dbo team keep it up Goten84 your working harder im not leaveing the rest of the team behind thanks too Can't wait to join the DBO2 world and meet my old friends from DBO. ^_^
Pure awesome is such an understatement.
I look forward to the games future development.
Looking very good guys, I wouldn't expect any less. Glad to see things coming together.
Couldn't of been done better, it's really looking up.
Awesome Can't wait to see DBOII soon
Im glad to see this ,it's really looking up.
Isn't that hud amazing !~
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