(See the best response by Stephen001.)

set category = "Admin"
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/ThousandAttackSlash
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/TriBeam
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/FinalDeathKamehameha
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/GalickGun
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/FinalFlash
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/BigBangAttack
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/FinalShine
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/FinishBuster
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/BurningAttack
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/LightGrenade
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/SpecialBeamCannon
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/AngryBlast
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/Kamehameha
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/DistructoDisk
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/Replace_ment
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/SpiritBomb
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/Kaioken
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/AfterImage
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/DragonFist
src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/SoulPunisher

Problem description:
when i click on it it gives the following error

runtime error: wrong type of value for list
proc name: Learn Moves (/mob/System/Admin/Verbs/OwnerGM/verb/Learn_Moves)
source file: Admin,2238
usr: Owner Mysticc (/mob/PC)
src: Owner Mysticc (/mob/PC)
call stack:
Owner Mysticc (/mob/PC): Learn Moves()
Best response
Yep, quite a simple one, this is.

/obj/Technique/ThousandAttackSlash etc etc are not verbs, they are objects. The verbs list will not accept objects, just verbs (and procs). So you need to add the verbs until those objects, not the objects themselves. For example:

src.verbs += new/obj/Technique/ThousandAttackSlash/verb/fire()